Daily message and prayer. Monday 28th February

For all the years of my life, Europe has been free of War. I as born in 1947 and have no memory of war. Now a man is pushing the world to the edge of a very dangerous precipice through arrogance and control. What can we do? We have to regain our conviction in the power of prayer. In May 1942, the Sunderland Echo printed this –

“A squadron of the Luftwaffe were right on schedule, their target to bomb the Durham Viaduct that carried the main railway lines from the South to the North of England. As the plane approached, out of nowhere came a mist, descending over the city like a ghostly shroud, hiding every building, as if they had disappeared. They passed over, dropping their bombs on open countryside doing little damage. No one has been able to explain this phenomenon, and it has become known as ‘Saint Cuthbert’s Mist’.”

God’s people prayed. It was enough. Prayer changes things. The Lord who protectd Durham because his people prayed can break this current satanic attack.

Pray that he will intervene to break this evil and restore peace.

6 thoughts on “Daily message and prayer. Monday 28th February

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Oh lord of mercy, we pray as we kneel at the foot of the cross, calling on your name to have mercy and stop this evil being on launch your children in Ukraine and the entire world in general. Lord have mercy and touch the heart of Putin to stop this evil in Jesus name Amen

  2. Abigail Ashitey says:

    Lord, just as you stopped and arrested Paul on his way to Damascus, so do we pray that you touch and reveal yourself to our world leaders, especially Putin, and turn his stubborn heart from war and evil back to the way of the cross.

  3. Jean Turnbull says:

    Father God, we pray in the redeeming name and blood of Jesus for the leaders and people of Ukraine, that they will know Your deliverance, Your defence, Your strengthening and Your power to overcome the aggressor in this harrowing situation. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen 🙏

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