Daily message and prayer. Friday March 3rd

Look at this –

“Refugees are being told they do not need documents to get into neighbouring countries, but should preferably have their internal or foreign travel passports, birth certificates of children travelling with them and medical documentation.

To get refugee status, they need to be Ukrainian citizens or people legally living in Ukraine, such as foreign students. However, many people have been waiting for up to 60 hours to cross at border points into Poland, in freezing weather, in queues up to 15km (10 miles) long. Those entering Romania have been waiting for up to 20 hours. Many have not been able to board trains taking them out of Ukrainian cities.”

Civilians are always the greatest victims of war. Helpless and soon to be stateless, they have no power, no rights and no future – except to escape. And escape to what? Everything they owned and their whole way of life has been wiped out. Their children are crying and hungry. Desperation destroys their morale.

All we can currently do is remember them before the Lord, feel their pain and bear it with them. This doesn’t seem much, but prayer is stronger than any Aggressor. If we stop believing this, then they are truly lost. If we keep believing that prayer changes things, there is hope for them.

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