Daily message and prayer. Saturday March 5th

Read this –

In a statement on the Premier League club’s website, Chairman of Chelsea football club businessman Abramovich said he had made the “incredibly difficult decision” which “pains” him – selling the club.

The Russian will not ask “for any loans to be repaid” and said proceeds of the sale would be donated to war victims. Abramovich, 55, is alleged to have strong ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which he has denied.

In our societies we are working hard to be more inclusive. Minorities have rights and we are better understanding these and trying to be more inclusive. We may not accept their views and open discussion is ongoing, but exclusion is not the 21st century way – and it was never the Lord’s way. Perhaps it would be better for all if we did not judge Russians living among us – however hard that may be. Because if we do, two things begin to happen. First there is no end to who we exclude if, for any reason, they do not suit us. Second -are we not just playing into the hands of the Russian aggressors. “Look” they will say “this is how the world treats Russians.” This becomes a justification for their invasion.

By allowing Russians to stay – however uncomfortable that may be – we are saying “There is a way we can all live together without aggression. Our way is challenging but we choose to follow it. Your way is and always will be wrong.”

Pray today for tolerance of all who live with us, and especially from our Ukrainian citizens for whom such tolerance is a high price to pay.

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