Daily message and prayer. Monday March 7th

Read this from President Putin to Ghana yesterday, on the anniversary of Ghana’s 65 years of independence –

“The relations between Russia and Ghana is traditionally one of a friendly nature. I am convinced that the further development of a constructive bilateral dialogue and partnership meets the interests of our people contributing to peace and security on the African continent.”

Some of us may struggle a bit with this. Putin’s contribution to world peace is to invade, kill and destroy.

It does place a burden on those who pray however, to bind this conflict to Ukraine, and not allow it to spill over into distant lands.

One thought on “Daily message and prayer. Monday March 7th

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Mighty king we thank you for your love for the world! Continue to also put your love in our hearts so we don’t give or get weary to pray for the world. We pray that you take absolute of the war and quench the fire that is raging so the Ukrainians can return to their homes Amen!

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