Daily message and prayer. Tuesday March 8th

Read this from former S. African President Jacob Zuma –

Jacob Zuma’s position on Monday, March 7, on the Russian invasion of Ukraine caught the attention of the media globally. In a tweet from JGZuma Foundation owned by the former South African president, he said Vladimir Putin’s position was justifiable. Zuma through his foundation also described the Russian president who has attracted numerous international sanctions to the nation as a man of peace .

Here we are again from another African perspective. President Putin is a “man of peace.” What are we to make of this? Maybe, being a cynical and long serving African Worker I might suspect trade deals and investment – especially into the banks of certain people. This is a sad fact of African life.

Africa is full of rebels who become freedom fighters, and they view much of world’s struggles against this background. Do they see Russia as “liberators” fighting NATO and American influence?

As we pray for peace, we must take all this into account. Peace in Ukraine by a cessation of war will not be enough. Peace must spread its wings to Africa, in a form Africa can accept. Maybe some trade deals? Its easy for us to think of this as bribery, but it may be the price for peace. We have to pray within the real world, and not some Western Christian bubble. Only then can our praying be effective.

One thought on “Daily message and prayer. Tuesday March 8th

  1. Abigail Ashitey says:

    Father Lord, it’s only when we desire your will for our lives that we have real peace. In your mercy, teach the world this simple truth as we pray for ceasefire .

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