Daily message and prayer, Wednesday 9th March

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New Delhi, India–India has held its nose and abstained five times since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine by Russia. While none of these abstentions has affected the outcome of the vote, they were driven by the South Asian country’s need to secure its supply of defence equipment, the majority of which it gets from Russia, experts say

India’s reliance on Russian military and strategic equipment is “huge”, said retired Lieutenant General Deependra Singh Hooda, former commander of India’s northern army. “I mean, 60-70 percent of the equipment is Russian,” he said, listing air force fighters and air defence systems, army’s armour and the navy’s aircraft carrier and frigates. Notably, “who else will lease a nuclear submarine to you?” he asks.

Nothing is quite as it seems in politics, and this will make finding a solution so very difficult. We have already seen the issues in Africa and now we see them in India. For them it appears to be support Russia or lose their weapons supply.

This is what the peacemakers are up against. As I said yesterday, any solution will have to be far reaching and take many factors into account. So today let’s pray for those whose job it is and will be to find a peaceful solution. They need at least the wisdom of Solomon – if not more. They certainly need our prayers.

One thought on “Daily message and prayer, Wednesday 9th March

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Man’s wisdom is full of biases but the wisdom from God supersedes all!! Father let your wisdom prevail as leaders try to meditate in this war and allow cool heads to prevail in Jesus mighty name Amen

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