March 14th


A mother came into a coffee house with a severely disabled child. I saw the strain on her as she cared hourly for him. Bu I also caught a glimpse of her love, and it touched me. I wrote this –

She had to go

beyond beyond

to reach the depths

which only a mothers love

could reach

she did not flinch

though the price was high

the love of a child

a broken child

called her on

to bear his burden of need

and to go on bearing

day by day

weary and tired

but never yielding

such Eternal love

Shining through her heart

illuminated the landscape

And filled my troubled heart

with hope

One thought on “March 14th

  1. Abigail Ashitey says:

    Thank you Prophet,
    Very beautiful poem. Love of a mother!
    Yet, we see the best of love, the greatest of all, on an old ragged cross! “Greater love has no one than this, that our Lord laid down His life for His friends”!

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