Monday March 14th. Message and prayer

Read this –

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards force says it targeted an Israeli “strategic centre” with missiles that struck the Iraqi Kurdish city of Irbil overnight.

Twelve missiles hit areas around the US consulate overnight, causing material damage and wounding one civilian, the Kurdistan Regional Government said.

The US said no Americans were hurt and that its facilities were not damaged in what it called the “outrageous attack”.

Israel’s military and government declined to comment on Iran’s claim.

But Kurdish officials accused the Revolutionary Guards of seeking to use “baseless” propaganda to justify targeting civilian locations.

We have already seen the danger in Korea, and now we see another dangerous conflict flaring up again. We must not be deceived into just looking at Ukraine. If we are, the enemy will cause trouble elsewhere, hoping we will not notice. As violent men see what Russia is getting away with, they too will become bolder. Violence gives birth to violence. We can be sure that in the dark places of the world, violent men are growing stronger the more Russia attacks. Very dangerous times. We must stay alert.

2 thoughts on “Monday March 14th. Message and prayer

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Father we kneel at the foot of the cross pleading for mercy on the world because violent men!! We per-sue the violent men across the world with the cross of Jesus in their face and they will bow at the mention of the name of Jesus Amen!!

  2. Abigail Ashitey says:

    Father, let the blood of our Lord speak for the nations. Please call your children and especially our world leaders through the turmoil. Grant grace that humility and obedience will rule in the hearts of the war mongers.

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