Thursday March 17th Message and prayer

RIYADH (Reuters) – The Saudi-based Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is considering inviting the Houthi movement and other Yemeni parties for consultations in Riyadh this month as part of an initiative aimed at backing U.N.-led peace efforts, two Gulf officials told Reuters.

Formal invitations would be sent within days for the talks on military, political and economic aspects of the war between the Iran-aligned Houthis and a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, said the officials, who declined to be named ahead of an official announcement this week. The conflict enters its eighth year on Tuesday.

This conflict has cost so much in lives and damage – to both sides. There is a flicker of peace. Probably both sides have grown weary of killing, which is always the moment for peace talks. Why does it matter? It shows that peace can come. It is a sign to Putin and his army that others have found the way to peace. He should do the same. Maybe Saudi and Houthi can be a sign to him. Let’s pray that they do find peace. In that could come hope for the Ukraine.

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