March 22nd. Message and prayer

Read this –

Ukraine war latest as eight people are killed after Russia bombs a shopping centre and homes in Kyiv; “gaps” remain in peace talks and there is “long way to go”; Russia-US relations “on brink of collapse” over Joe Biden’s “war criminal” remark about Vladimir Putin. (Sky News)

People, peace and politics. People dying, peace negotiators trying their hardest and Nations politicking. Movement on many fronts – some promising and some not so promising. This is the fog of war. Who exactly is doing what and why? What will be the outcome?

It is easy to give in to despair, or be confused in prayer. So let’s not concentrate on people, peace or politics. The Prince of Peace has to be moved with compassion towards us. The great Victor of Calvary has to stamp down on Satan. The One who holds the world in his hands – all of it – must act for us. So keep focused on him, and like Amos ( Amos 7:1-3) let us continue to urge and beseech our King to act. This is the way to peace – and the only way to peace.

2 thoughts on “March 22nd. Message and prayer

  1. Abigail Ashitey says:

    Lord, we pray that you will please move with compassion, and give us the peace that we so much desire. Mercy Lord, mercy!

  2. Margaret Biney says:

    Prince of peace! As you over came Satan at Calvary, so do we invite you into this matter of Russia and Ukraine. Stamp your foot on this matter and bring peace to your people in Russia and Ukraine Amen

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