Sunday March 27th. Message and prayer

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President Joe Biden maintained he won’t send American troops to Ukraine, but if Russians expand their military aggression to a NATO ally, the American military may be forced to respond.

What do we make of this? If Russia attacks the Baltic states, which it believes is its territory, now the Americans are committed to “Respond.” This could be the very opportunity our satanic enemy wants. What will he do? Get Russia to attack the Baltic states of course. But as we are learning he is very cunning. He might wait for a while – and maybe in a few years, if Russia succeeds in getting some foothold in Ukraine, the aggression will begin again. Then America will “Respond.” God protect us then.

Those who have been with me from the start of these postings will understand how dangerous these remarks are. I am sad that so few seem to be able to follow day by day and build up a clear spiritual picture of what is happening. Prayer is at a low ebb among God’s people, and that’s why the enemy has attacked now. This invasion is, in some ways, a judgement on the weakness of the Church. Satan has spotted it and he is acting quickly. How the mighty missionary church of God has fallen. We might just wonder if this invasion of Ukraine is a judgement on us. If it is, then it is only just beginning.

One thought on “Sunday March 27th. Message and prayer

  1. Abigail Ashitey says:

    Lord, please, wake your Church from its coma, and set our minds on the happenings around the world, that we may arise and cry out to you in prayer before it’s too late. Wake up the sleeping Church Lord! Please do.

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