Wednesday March 30th. Message and prayer

Read this –

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane told the “Brian Kilmeade show” on Tuesday that the Russia-Ukraine war opened the door for NATO to “crush” the Russian army, but the Biden administration is not seizing the opportunity.

The military mind is not the civilian one. It has been trained to fight to win. General Keane is responding as he has been trained. That’s why we must pray hard for civilian-led administrations, who are trained for compromise and peace. President Biden has not unleashed his mighty army, even though the Military must have been pushing him to do so. Generals are best kept away from peace talks. Let’s pray for President Biden, the President of South Africa, the United Nations, any Arab leaders who might get involved. It’s with them that the path to peace might be found.

One thought on “Wednesday March 30th. Message and prayer

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Lifting up prayer for these Leaders, the Arabs and the United Nations. Work your plan through them to bring peace amen M

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