Sunday April 3rd. Message and prayer

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The Russians underestimated the Afghans in the 1980s,” said Bruce Riedel, who worked on the CIA’s covert program to aid the rebels. “They seem to have underestimated the Ukrainians today.”

Riedel said there’s irony in that failure: Putin, in invading Ukraine, has appeared bent on restoring the glory lost when the Soviet Union broke up, an event he has described as the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” (Washington post.)

How often Satan has used nationalism as a tool for his strategy. Putin looked back to the so-called glory days, when the USSR was strong. He wants these back. They are driving him forward. Hitler was driven by much the same demon. This nationalistic call blinds people to the truth. They support “My country right or wrong” without asking “Who is driving us to this?” I know many Russian people, and I am sure that in the cold light of day they are as horrified about murdering pregnant women as we are. But unrestrained nationalism is blinding them to truth. Our prayer – “Open the eyes of more Russian people to the truth.” This will eventually bring Putin down and thrust Satan back into the pit where he belongs.

But it is going to take time. Many began this prayer walk with me but have fallen away. This prayer battle demands commitment, dedication and endurance. Without them what kind of world will Putin offer to our children and grand children? One blighted by nuclear clouds, killing everything? This prayer chain is not a game.

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