Tuesday April 5th. Message and prayer-meetings

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Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been congratulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin after he won a fourth term by a landslide in the country’s general election.

His right-wing Fidesz party had 67.8% of votes with almost 99% counted. The Kremlin says Mr Putin expressed confidence that the two countries could develop further ties “despite the difficult international situation”. In his victory speech, Mr Orban criticised Brussels bureaucrats and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling them “ opponents”.

Mr Zelensky has repeatedly criticised Mr Orban’s ban on the transfer of arms to Ukraine, with which it shares a border.

What to make of this. Hungary will not let arms from Europe into Ukraine, even though it shares a border. So has it joined hands with the tyrant? Does it have any choice? Think about this –  Russia’s Gazprom and Hungary have signed a 15-year gas supply contract, Ukraine has a massive balance of trade with Russia, it has a very small army compared with Russia and an equally small population. Maybe this is what is called real Politik. In other words, the only realistic option. But what of this decision in the long term for Hungary/Ukraine and Hungary/Europe? Remember the tyrants of the world are rising up, following tyrant Putin. This is one to watch as we pray.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday April 5th. Message and prayer-meetings

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Lord have mercy and deliver us from these tyrants. We press the cross in the face of Satan and remind him of his defeat at Calvary!! Amen

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