Friday April 8th.

A video is now available which claims to show Ukrainian soldiers killing a Russian soldier. It was filmed on the road to the west of the Capital.

We have to be careful about fake news, but as I suggested yesterday, this kind of thing will begin to happen. Why?

The tyrant often uses racism to stoke up anger. The tyrant Putin has no love for the Ukraine and he has been pumping this racism into his people. “Look what they are doing. They will have nuclear weapons next – right on our doorstep. Let’s deal with them.” Ukraine responds in the same way “Let’s get rid of these Russians.” And then away we go in an ever increasing spiral of racist abuse and murder.

The tyrant twists and turns. Killing pregnant women, offering peace talks, killing civilians, denying it. The tyrant is cunning and tries to confuse. We have to twist and turn in our prayers - turning this day and that as he does, cutting off each avenue of deceit. This is tiring, but it is a steady advance on him. He must know that however hard he twists, we will be there, steadily wearing him down and pushing him back. It's going to take skilful prayer. Are we up to it?

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