Thursday April 7th

(Delayed by travelling.)

The President of Ukraine is accusing Russia of war crimes.He said yesterday “Russian soldiers killed many civilians – especially women and children.”

Soldiers have been doing this from the beginning of time. They are trained to kill, and when things are hard, civilians are just as much enemy as anyone else. Remember the Tyrant “kills, steals and destroys.” In these murders, he is living up to his character. But we need also to remember that the Ukrainian soldiers are also trained to kill, and we have no idea what they may have been up to – yet.

All we can do is try and stand as a prayer wall between the tyrant and the people. Maybe we can save a few by our prayers. But out main task is to defeat the one behind the Tyrant. We must not take our eyes off of that task.

One thought on “Thursday April 7th

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    Father on bended knees we stand in the gap as a prayer wall between the tyrant and the people, have mercy and stop him from destruction in Jesus name Amen

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