unday April 10th

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has admitted a “significant” loss of Russian troops since the invasion of Ukraine began, telling Sky News their deaths are a “tragedy”.Dmitry Peskov, in his first broadcast interview with Western media, also said Russia hopes “this operation” will reach its goals “in the coming days”.

He told Sky News’ “we’re living in days of fakes and lies” and verified photos and satellite images of dead civilians in the streets were a “bold fake”. He maintained the whole situation in Bucha, where photos show many murdered Ukrainian civilians, was a “well-staged insinuation, nothing else”.

We can match this from the Russian media – This is their usual line – from the State controlled Moscow Times –

“Russian state media’s Sunday evening primetime coverage gave extensive airtime to alleged Ukrainian shelling of separatist-held eastern Ukraine and the separatists’ evacuation of civilians to Russia.  Similarly to previous reports, state media blamed Ukraine and the West for aggravating tensions in the region, spreading misinformation and ignoring Russia’s security demands. 

Anchors again condemned Western “hysteria” toward Russian aggression, singling out the United States. The anchors also claimed that Ukraine was waging a “non-fictional war” against its own citizens in the Donbas, forcing them to flee.

So the Ukrainian government is waging war in its own people, it’s all about western aggression and any bodies are fake news. This is going to be the justification for the aggressive invasion and destruction. Might be difficult to hold to when dead Russian soldiers are retuned to their loved ones. The tyrant does not just lie. He is the ‘Father of lies.’ If we had any doubts before, now we know what we are dealing with. Let’s just keep our eyes open and our weapons sharp. There’s more to come on this one. Meanwhile, other tyrants are stirring.

One thought on “unday April 10th

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    As we are remembering the crucifixion of Jesus all around the world, we continue to remind all tyrants that they have been defeated at Calvary in Jesus name Amen

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