Monday April 11th

South Korea’s president-elect is pressing the United States to deploy its most powerful weapons, such as nuclear warheads, in the country for the first time since the Cold War, which would increase tensions in east Asia.Yoon Suk-yeolwho takes office next month, has sent emissaries to Washington to argue the case for the return of US “strategic assets”, a term that could include long-range bombers, nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers, and which implies they would have nuclear weapons.

As I warned earlier, tyrants around the world will take strength from the tyrant Putin. North Korea is a very unstable and dangerous country. Now South Korea is asking for a nuclear capability. North Korea could easily launch a first strike. This is the result of letting the tyrant Putin loose. We have to be watchful everywhere at present. Don’t get sucked in to just Ukraine. That’s one of the enemy’s tricks. Lift the cross into Korea.

One thought on “Monday April 11th

  1. Margaret Biney says:

    We lift the cross of Jesus over Korea and any there seems to be simmering trouble in the world space in the name of Jesus! Let the blood of Jesus speak for us in Jesus name Amen

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