Evening everyone. Visits to this page are falling away, so I think it has run its course. Those who have been with me from the start will now have a good idea what is happening and how to pray.

The tyrant has been given quite a shock. Ukraine did not just roll over and die. Fighting is going to be long and hard.

Much of Europe will now be drawn into NATO – something I think the tyrant did not expect.

The tyrant will not like losing – he has already threatened to use nuclear weapons if he thinks he needs to.

The Russian people are key players in this situation. As the bodies come home, the economy crashes, commodities become short – and all for nothing – perhaps they will help bring the tyrant down.

Other tyrants are threatening – especially North Korea.

The main winner will be China, who is watching one of its contenders for world super power being weakened, and the other – America – unwilling or unable to act.

Things have changed irrevocably. Like Covid, this conflict will lead to a new and more dangerous world. Whose fault is this – God’s people, who dropped the prayer shield. We will, in the years to come, pay a high price for this failure, as we did on 1914 and 1939.

Signing off this page now.



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