For over thirty years the Serving Africa Mission has been working in Ghana and in the Medie valley just outside Accra has established its base. 

Back in 2002 the executive director of the Mission, Prophet Michael “Jim” Smith, together with Bishop Samuel Ofori and Apostle Paul Sefa following God’s vision bought ten plots for the Mission in a largely undeveloped valley. By God’s grace those plots have become the centre of the mission with a walled compound containing a Mission church, a meeting Tabernacle, a mission house and “Lydia House”, a dual purpose building housing a kindergarten and primary school on the ground floor and above an open prayer floor, overlooking the valley. Outside this compound is a school for older children and space allocated for a two storey teachers’ centre.

All around the base in the valley Accra is expanding and being developed. From thirty years ago being the sole construction it is now the centre of a growing and developing community.

The base is established as an important contributor to the community and in the recent virus outbreak when the government imposed a lockdown, the Mission initiated a food relief programme reaching out to the most needy families. The schools are providing an essential education for the children, giving them high quality lessons with an unabashed Christian ethos.

Numbers are growing in the Kindergarten, as the good reputation for the school spreads. A bus now picks up the children from outlying villages and the facilities are being added to as funds become available.

Meanwhile the day to day work of the base and the school press on under the direction of Apostle Paul Sefa and his wife, Anita who looks after the catering. The headteacher, Naomi and the other staff are paid at prevailing Ghanian rates and partly financed by the school fees and its budget.

The serving Africa mission has a sustainability model for its financial needs. The Trustees will select those needs which need to be sustained and then communicate those needs with those who support the Mission.

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