We are a new kind of church! 

From our origins over thirty years ago the Serving Africa Mission has built into a network stretching across continents. The Rev Jim Smith from Sussex, England founded the Mission base in Ghana and has spread the message through a network of people across the UK and Ghana.

Through Facebook, YouTube and a number of groups that meet on WhatsApp a ministry has grown that draws people together in worship and Bible teaching. Many belong to their own local churches, but there are those who are on their own and benefit from the fellowship our Grace Family Church provides.

We have a dedicated Facebook page which can be accessed here.

Jim is an ordained minister of the Church of England but we welcome any in fellowship, and we adhere to the creeds of the traditional Church, the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.

To find out more about our various groups please send us a message – servingafricamission@gmail.com.