All of the projects mentioned here are crucial for the building up of our base and the work of the Mission within this community. Any donations that you make are gratefully received and will be applied for the work.

Medical Needs – Wholeness of the Child

We are pleased to announce that building on the health centre is now complete thanks to the sustainability project.
We are now waiting and praying for the funding for the nurse.

Education is more than learning to read and write. We have over 170 children on our base, plus 23 staff. Then we have many mums with babies. We need to think about the health of the whole child. 

We have 160 people on the base everyday, over 130 families linked to the school and all our neighbours. We would like to have a nurse living on the base, available to help the children and their families, and hope to run some Primary Health education – the very basic things to help families. this would be a person based work rather than an equipment based one, although we would need to provide basic medicines. 

So we plan to employ a qualified nurse who along with medical skills can teach a whole range of primary health  – basic hygiene, cuts, fevers, sexual issues, with emphasis on caring and equipping girls.

It would be good to fund the nurse for five years as well as the setting up costs. We have already taken steps to adapt a building on the base, but more funding is still needed.

We would hope we can develop eventually to being a centre for primary health with the State health system using us for vaccination and other clinics.

Hope Youth Church

Our next sustainability project is to provide a youth pastor for our church. This pastor will help train young people from the school to run Hope Youth Church. More details as they become available.

Digital Skills

There are few – if any – computers in the area around our base, so it is essential that we bring our children up to date with digital technology

The beloved missionary school must be a 21st century school. Ghanaian children need to develop their computer skills while they are young. The benefits in this are enormous.

• Children learn quickly.
• We provide a safe digital environment.
• Digital skills will help them find employment.

We aim to provide 4 computers and printers. We already have two computers, a printer and a computer teacher, but more is needed. Click here to find out more.

The Beloved Missionary School

The school is a work in progress and has functioning classrooms. The school has opened with four classrooms but the plan is to add at least one extra floor. The work progresses as funds become available. We will shortly be starting work on the this next phase.

Artist’s impression of the finished Beloved Missionary School.

Work is in hand to build the next floor with no further plans at this stage for the third floor.

Plans were originally drawn up for a three storey building, and the foundations would support such a building, giving the potential for further future development.

Teachers’ Centre

Artist’s impression of the Beloved Missionary Base Teachers’ Centre

This exciting development is a two storey facility, which has already been praised by the local inspector of schools. It will provide quality training for a new generation of teachers in high quality surroundings. This will enable the Mission to build a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Meanwhile the day to day work of the base and the school press on under the direction of Apostle Paul Sefa and his wife, Anita who looks after the catering. The headteacher, Naomi and the other staff are paid at prevailing Ghanian rates and partly financed by the school fees and its budget.

The Serving Africa Mission is committed to paying all those who work for us a fair wage. Salaries for the Africa mission team are paid out of a UK based charity (Takk Trust Registered UK Charity Number 290753).

We are embarking on a process of linking our African pay scales with African jobs of a similar salary, as we do with all our English staff.

How you can participate in the Mission

Primarily we ask for PRAYER! The Mission has a number of WhatsApp groups where members regularly contribute prayers and are given frequent updates on developments on the base and in the school. Contact us to ask for more details here.

We ask for PRAYER be offered that in the coming six months we be able to make our African salaries more realistic and fair, and maintain them as such in the coming years. 

You can DONATE towards these projects. Donations are needed for the development of the school, for the building of the Teachers’ Centre and for the support of the African salaries. Any gift that is made will be kept for the indicated purpose in a dedicated account.

To donate to one of our areas of work please click on the link below to be taken to the payment page.

Africa Mission Salaries

School building

Teacher Centre


(Friends in Ghana can contribute via Apostle Paul Sefa. Phone him on
0244 292986 or e-mail –

If you would like to speak to one of the team about donating then please drop us an email.
Click here.

We also have an online prayer fellowship via whatsApp and Facebook.
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