The next stage for our computer room. 

The beloved missionary school must be a 21st century school. Ghanaian children need to develop their computer skills while they are young. The potential benefits in this are enormous.

  • Being young the children will learn quickly.
  • They can learn in a safe environment.
  • They will learn skills which will help them find employment.  

Our computer room project has now completed Phase 1. We have two computers and a printer.  

Thank you so much for all those who helped with Phase 1, and now we move to Phase 2. The Rev Jim Smith will be launching it from our Computer room on WEDNESDAY NOV 24th at 19.00 GMT on Jim’s Facebook
page (Michael J Smith).

Our New Computer Room!

Phase 2

The second phase will add two more computers and another printer. 

Cost – a further £2000

It is the policy of the Serving Africa Mission to buy all our equipment in Ghana. In this way we invest in the local economy. Good computer equipment is not cheap. 

We have been able to employ a computer teacher, which makes it all the more important to fully equip the facility.


Investment in this project is an investment in the future of the children of Ghana. They are growing up in an international business and commercial world which is computer based. Giving them these skills will not only help them in the future but will help Ghana be more competitive. 

The equipment is a means to an end – to give the children precious skills. We are investing in them and in their future, so that as they get further in their education, business, commence, social work, teaching, care, building and all the rest, they will know how to use a spreadsheet to record their sales, place an order, draft a WhatsApp or an e-mail. They will know how to find information and how to use it. 

How to support this project

  • Pray!
  • Make a donation – See below
  • Encourage others you know who would be of similar mind to support it.

We are moving into a different way of thinking. There is a need to seek out sources of funding if our Mission is to be sustained. Access to donate to our work is on the main page of our website 

If this project seems something you want to support, then this is the standard we, as a Mission work to – “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give.” 

(Friends in Ghana can contribute via Apostle Paul Sefa. Phone him on
0244 292986 or e-mail –

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