Serving Africa Mission. December 2021

There’s a lot happening at present, so time for an update.

Holy Fire

This is our main material on revival. Currently it is available on Kindle. Now we are recording it as an audio series. At the same time we are preparing to publish it in Ghana, to distribute at our revival conference in May.


This is our experimental internet church. Every week I publish a worship audio and two messages – one from Mary. We pray every Wednesday online and have just held our first online healing service. We all know we are trying something new. Let’s see how it develops.

Beloved Missionary School

We now have over a hundred pupils and hope to open 2 classrooms in the main school for January admission. Our parents are very happy – with our environment and our teaching standards. Slowly we are getting there.

We are updating and simplifying this website. Still well used, despite WhatsApp.


I am currently recording 6 revival messages for our YouTube site. At the same time we are simplifying our channel, to make access to the teaching videos easier. We are trying to update and clarify our various channels for easier access. Thanks to Dave Smith for doing most of this.


We have many WhatsApp channels. I use different channels for different purposes. Currently the revival cells are very active. So is the Daughters, Sentinel, BelovedHG and Kinder – the school prayer site. I also have healing channels which I use for needs which people send to us.

The Sentinel intercession space.

This is now coming back into use, having been unused whole we were in Ghana. It will soon be the place for the “Remembering Tree” (Separate advertising coming soon.)

We are planning our return in April, all things being open. We are still waiting for the Government to recognise our Ghana vaccination certificates. Recently a leading figure in the health service in Africa accused the UK government of being arrogant in denying African vaccination certificates. I think the assumption was that Africa could not do it. Ghana remains very efficient in its programme and is pushing ahead as it gets the vaccines. I hope attitudes are changing. One African said to me that “Our colonial masters are still holding on to us!” Perhaps a little harsh, but let’s hope for a more compassionate view of the rest of the world. We are not the only nation who can get it right.

So on we go – as excited as ever to be in the Lord’s service, and to be sharing it with many of you. Some of you have been with us from the beginning. One of the joys for us is that people seldom leave supporting our work – unless they change their address to heaven! There they can continue to pray with us for the growth of the Lord’s work. For a Christian it is never “Goodbye!”


Mary and Jim