Monday March 28th Earlier this week, I found myself longing to be in a still place, far away from all the pressures and struggles. This became a very strong desire. From this “Stillness” just popped out! Stillness I wanted a quiet place away from the noise where I could find out who I really was… Read more

Monday March 21st

A poem is a discussion. For me it’s mostly a discussion between myself and the Lord I follow. I just let it turn into words. That’s what makes a poem live. It has me in it – or you in it. That’s why there is no criticism nor need we fear it. In “Stronger” I… Read more Monday March 21st

March 14th

Beyond A mother came into a coffee house with a severely disabled child. I saw the strain on her as she cared hourly for him. Bu I also caught a glimpse of her love, and it touched me. I wrote this – She had to go beyond beyond to reach the depths which only a… Read more March 14th


Fragile My own inner life is like a restless ocean. The waves sweep me high and then crash me down. This restless inner moving is me. This is what I am. The Lord is constantly having to rescue me – daily and sometimes hourly. I wrote this poem as the waves were crashing me down.… Read more Fragile


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pencil sketch of poet