Update from the Rev Jim Smith

The October/December mission is coming to an end. I have spoken at 5 conferences – 3 in Accra and 2 in Kumasi. Very effective and much to build on when we return in April.

Mary has established a new WhatsApp group of Ghanaian women and linked it to one of her English WhatsApp groups. So now two groups from each Nation are working together. Excellent progress.

Extensive teaching programmes are now in place on YouTube, Facebook and audio for January to March. Grace Church worship did not last the trip! But has been ably replaced by the Beacon Sunday worship with David and Pat. (This can be found by searching for “Beacon Sanctuary” in YouTube.) Chatterbox was beaten by the poor internet connection!

The school has functioned very well. Two extra classrooms are now complete, making the downstairs of the big school useable. Good timing as at Graduation, all 4 classrooms will be needed!

We have kept well, and our medical needs have been met by Dr. Deanne, and we are very thankful for her care. Every Tuesday we have been dining at the best restaurant in town. Many thanks to Esther.

The WhatsApp prayer support and zooms have been so precious to us. It helps us stay in touch with our whole wider family. Do use the contact page if you would like to be a part of this important mutual support and fellowship.

We travel home Sunday night to pick up the work in the UK on Monday 12th December.


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