Children of the Beloved Missionary School

Mary and I leave for Ghana this weekend (October 9th). We are away for 10 weeks. We have been delayed by Mary’s pneumonia, but by His grace she is covering well. The ministry is pushing ahead. Our live streams and WhatsApp work is in very good shape, and on our return we will push it outwards. Our second live stream – the BEACON – is about to go live. 

In Ghana, the school has over 130 children and we now employ 23 staff. We are able to begin work on the Teacher Centre but have not been able to complete 2 classrooms in the main school. We are now able to buy land for the second school – “The Beloved Missionary School – Diamond Campus.”

Our revival and battle WhatsApp streams have continued to pray and study for all the time we have been away. We will hope to pick them up on our return.

Our sustainability projects are beginning to bear fruit. This has helped us begin to equip our Computer room in the school. We now employ a computer teacher. We have plans for a health centre on the base, to serve children and their families, and the church family. We will employ a qualified nurse to run this centre.

We have completely updated all our policies and have a strong Trustee group. We also have an excellent Admin team which meets every week and steers things along. I now have no involvement in finance at all, so if you send blessings, I will not see them unless you tell me. I think this an excellent development. We are now updating all our safeguarding policies and will soon be able to publish a phone number where safeguarding issues can be raised. This may not look very exciting, but it is vital that we are transparent in every way and in line with charity law. We all thank Dave Smith for his incredible hard work in this area.

Like many, we have found funding difficult, but the Lord provides for his work.

Ever onwards. Blessings.  Mary and Jim

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