During the past year the work in Africa has moved forward well. Not only has the school progressed, but wider ministries of teaching have developed in Accra and Kumasi. Much of the day today running of the school is now financed locally and the work has been augmented by the opening of the computer centre and the downstairs of the main school. 130 children now attend the school. The mission employs 25 staff.

Funding is now available to begin the 2nd floor of the main school.

The space is now available for the health centre, and funding for the nurse is now on the prayer list.

The mission continues to develop its teaching on prayer, prophecy, revival and women’s ministry. Several conferences have been held this year both in Accra and Kumasi on these subjects. Extensive use is made of YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp to extend this teaching ministry.

In the UK, the online ministries have continued to be well used and in this way supporters and friends are kept informed. Teaching and ministry go forward through the continued use of Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Kindle and open source broadcasting.

The Beacon sanctuary is live 24/7 on YouTube and meets for worship on Sunday mornings on YouTube. It also has a prayer facility on WhatsApp which is well used.

All the main materials which Jim writes are now available for download from Kindle. All his teaching materials are available from the Serving Africa Mission page on the YouTube page or from the Mission website.

Travel in the UK is more restricted now, but the use of the Internet is balancing this well.

The Trustees play a central part in helping to develop the work along with a very effective administrative team. All the Mission policies are now up to date, including safeguarding.

Funding in these uncertain days is not easy but the Mission continues to live by the faith model and believes that this will carry it forward.

While in the UK, Mary and Jim attend Phillip’s church, Burwash Weald and Jim is licenced to the Diocese of Chichester.


To join Mission YouTube events, or to view teaching material, go to YouTube and search for Serving Africa Mission.

To download from Kindle, put “Jim Smith” followed by the book title in the search box.

(Latest titles include “1 Corinthians” (2 books), “Spiritual Warfare,” Glory or Judgement?” and the latest poetry collection “Imagining.”)

Rev Jim Smith.
Head of Mission.

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