LATEST – February 2022

Mary and Jim have now returned from Ghana, having been there for nearly 2 years due to Covid. During that time, the Beloved Missionary School grew to over 100 pupils, and the main school now has two classrooms open. The churches – Freedom, Joyful and Beloved continue to flourish. Lockdown and Covid meant social distancing and masks, but apart from that, everything continued.

Blessing Church had to be closed duue to Covid restrictions but Beloved took its place, meeting in the well-ventilated Tabernacle. It is going very well, so Blessing Church has become our building for official events, and Beloved our “Parish Church.”

During our time there, National elections were held, and our base was a polling station. We are becoming deeply embedded in our community and are seen more and more as a community recourse.

Back in the U.K. we are making full use of our small sanctuary – the Sentinel. We are live streaming 12 times week and are about to set up 24/7 live from there. Our WhatsApp groups are plentiful. Our 6 main WhatsApp streams are very busy, along with a number of smaller, mostly admin. based ones.

The Trustees and Admin. team have a firm control of the financial and legal side of the work. We feel very confident that this side of the work is securely based. Our Charity Commission filing is regular and on time. We are very thankful to Gareth and David for all the work in this area. We continue to work hard to get all our policies in line with Charity law.

Our website has been updated and looks very modern. It links to our YouTube site, which we are using to save all our video teaching. We continue to develop our Kindle material. and we now have 13 books there. David and I together work on this side of the work. Facebook is our main tool. We prefer it to Zoom, as anybody can watch it without a code. We do zoom with specific groups and teaching progammes.

We have not been travelling physically during our time home. So much can be done on Social media! We are planning a return to Ghana in May. We are waiting for things to settle down! We are missing our many friends in Ghana. We have walked with some of them for all our working life and miss them.

The whole team is very positive at present.

May it always be so.

Jim and Mary

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