Our latest visit to Ghana has been delayed by illness. We are working to return on 9th October. Our intercession groups in Ghana are all going well. They are not hindered by the fact that we have not been to Ghana for a while. WhatsApp and YouTube keep us united. 

The school is steadily growing and currently has 134 children. Toilet blocks have been completed but two classrooms still need funding to complete. We are in a position to begin the initial work on building the Teacher centre. Paul Sefa has been approached by parents wanting to send their children to our school but they are too far away. A short term solution would be a second bus, but really the vision is to build a second school!

Many of our African supporters are in our Internet network which is the great strength of our work. WhatsApp groups provide many with the essential contact that is so essential.

Our YouTube ministry is also growing. There is a regular “Chatterbox” slot first thing to shake off the dregs of the night, and on Sunday we have launched an hour worship service for our newly formed and strengthening “Grace Family Internet Church”. This is a solely internet based fellowship which strengthens and encouragers believers, some who live alone and can’t get to church and others for whom our ministry fulfils a need. We have a WhatsApp group as well as a Facebook page. 

Our regular teaching programme of “Growing on” is going well and all the teaching has been recorded and is in our YouTube library playlists. 

I’m in the process of adding four books to our kindle library. This will give us 16 books on Kindle – an excellent library. I’m working towards 20 books. 

Funding for the work both here in the UK and in Ghana continues to be a concern and we are in the process of launching our first appeal project under our new “sustainability” approach to funding. More information is available on our website. 

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